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Class Descriptions

Cardio Boxing Class :
  • You will experience 8 , 3 minute explosive boxing rounds on the heavy bag where you will master real  punching & defensive combinations . 
 Cardio KickBoxing Class:
  • You will experience 8 , 3 minute rounds using a form of stand up combat based on kicking, clinching , and  punching on the heavy bag .
Core De Force Class: MMA Fitness
  • A total body workout inspired by real MMA training . 
  • Combines movements from boxing , Muay Thai kickboxing , Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and more.
  • HIIT intervals
Body Boss 2.0 :MMA Fitness
  • The very latest and greatest in strength band training .
  • This is a high energy class where you will hit every muscle group using strength bands 
Brawler Nation Class:​
  • This is a 90 minute fusion class of all core de force , boxing , and kickboxing classes . You will get to experience all classes working and progressing together . 
Dominion Kids Class​:
  • 1 hour class broke down into , 20 minutes warm up / conditioning , 4 , 2 minute rounds of boxing followed by 4 , 2 minute rounds of kickboxing.
  • This class is a fusion of both boxing & kickboxing
  • kids will learn real boxing combos , focus , agility , and fight conditioning 
  • Kids will learn real kickboxing combos 
  • All rounds will include cardio spikes , core work ,and rest breaks. 
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